The Best Corporate Travel Agency Vancouver Can Offer

Located on the Pacific Rim, Vancouver, BC is the primary gateway between both Canada and Asia; and Canada and California’s Silicone Valley. It is become a major shipping port, with a growing financial sector. Home to approximately 3 million residents, Vancouver is the consistently ranked in the top 5 most liveable cities in the world. It now boasts major tech offices including Microsoft, Amazon, and Hootsuite, as well as mining, forestry and academic institutions. With this sharp rise in commerce, and population comes a demand for business services. This is where we come in. Worldgo Travel Management is a local company that is proud to be the best corporate travel agency Vancouver can offer.

Quote from Herschel Supply

Our reputation is based on  3 key service pillars:
Personalization. Convenience. Accountability.

Not only do we handle all facets of business travel but our team will also take care of meetings and conferences, incentive trips, and custom groups. We get to know your team, help establish standards of services, protocols, and work with you to ease the expense burden on your accountants.

And in the event something were to go wrong, we’re here 24/7 to get you home, or to on the next big business deal.

Regardless of whether you use Worldgo Travel Management or not, there are 5 things you should demand from any corporate travel agency in Vancouver:

1.) Travel Policy Creation

Someone who works with you to create a comprehensive Travel Policy, your blueprint to savings.

2.) Reward Points Management

Someone who maximizes reward points for quicker redemption, more upgrades, free flights and hotel nights.

3.) 24/7 Emergency Assistance

No matter where you are or what your situation, a team that is available 24/7.

4.) Negotiated Volume Discounts

Someone that negotiates corporate rates with hotels, car rental companies and airlines on your behalf.

5.) On-Demand Reporting

Someone who gives you greater control with comprehensive reports available online or sent to your mobile phone.

Our Vancouver clients consistently tell us that we’re the best at what we do. We’re proud of these relationships, we’re proud to call Vancouver home and we’ll be just as proud to work with you, too. If your interest is piqued, we invite you to read more about:

Corporate Travel Management Vancouver
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Or contact us, today.


Key Benefits of a Corporate Travel Agency

The Key Benefits of a Corporate Travel Agency

You’re reading this because you’re weighing out the pros and cons of enlisting a corporate travel agency to assist in your business objectives. Every single company, association, or institution that we’ve worked with have been at these same crossroads. It’s a big decision to put your trust and budget in a travel services partner. Will they take advantage of you? In today’s Internet age, is it not easier just to do this on my own? Will someone truly be there when I need them?

A corporate travel agency isn’t for everyone. But it is for those individuals responsible for sending numerous employees on flights, to hotels, and with time-sensitive connections. It’s for those that demand clearly crafted protocols and accountability. The more of one’s staff that travel, the more resources it’s taking you to approve, track, and reconcile these efforts. At the end of a month, or year, this could be creating an accounting challenge for you.

Here are some of the benefits of a corporate travel agency that you should consider before making a decision to engage:


If your company doesn’t have a process in place to manage business travel, you are missing two critical puzzle pieces: the ability to control spending, forecast expenses and look into your time and expense. Having a staff member wait for a 6 connection in Los Angeles to say $150 has a material cost of its own.

Your lack of a system virtually assures you over-spend by the end of the year, and having no visibility stymies your ability to improve by analyzing data. A corporate travel agency can bring order and consistency to your travel program, in ways that benefit both your bottom line and wellness and satisfaction of your traveling employees.

As your working partner for travel, World Travel Management serves as your one-stop resource.


One of the primary reasons to work with a corporate travel agent is to gain access to specific professional expertise and inventory software. Corporate travel planning and execution can be very complex. At Worldgo Travel Management, we hire experienced professionals who understand the unique needs and interests of your traveling employees and how that layers over your own business goals. We know which amenities are most desirable, plus innumerable other “inside” industry tips, and workarounds details that will improve travel convenience, comfort, and safety.

Cost Savings

Like just about anything else, it’s about economies of scale. The more you spend the more you save. As an agency that represents some very large clients partners, our ability to leverage better contracts and terms extends to all our clients. This is bargaining power, and we have it. You can have it, too.

Time Savings

We assemble a list of preferred providers based on your company’s travel policy guidelines and budget. That policy streamlines the booking process for employees and creates a black and white environment for expense items and downstream ease for your accountant. We handle bookings on your behalf, in turn saving your people even more time. Handling these arrangements on your behalf assures compliance, reduces risk and saves time, which saves money.

24/7 Support

Unpredictability is the only predictability. At some point in time, life gets in the way and things go sideways. At Worldgo, offer your staff 24/7 support. We’ll make changes as they need. Weather, Geopolitical issues, or urgent family matters. We’re here all day, every day.

Duty of Care

Worldgo provides risk management expertise and proactive services that ensure communication and support for business travelers, before, during and after their trips.


This is where we shine. We will help you help analyze your travel and expense patterns. By knowing what you’re spending and where the dollars are going, we help you make better forecasts for budgeting and the opportunities to save without sacrificing the comfort level and convenience for your employees.

By choosing to exercise the benefits around a corporate travel management company, you will reallocate your resources, find greater efficiencies and reduce risk on every level. They say the difference between an entrepreneur and a small business owner is that entrepreneurs work ‘on’ their business, while small business owners work ‘in’ it.

Let Worldgo Travel Management be the team to work ‘in’ it.

Best Neighbourhoods to Stay in London for Business Travel

Best neighbourhoods to stay in London for Business Travel

Home to 9 million residents, London is one of the planet’s leading cities. It is an economic, cultural and tourism powerhouse. It offers 365 days a year of opportunities to explore, engage, and be entertained. A city this size can confuse the inbound traveler, leading to a form of decision-making paralysis due entirely to too much choice. To help, we’ve put together a list of the best neighbourhoods to stay in London for Business travel, as chosen by the team at Worldgo Travel Management.


Shoreditch is a district located in the central and East London. It’s notable for its stately mansions and beautiful tree-lined avenues. Shoreditch is a former working-class area, punctuated by industrial buildings and warehouses. In recent times, these warehouses and industrial buildings have been renovated and revitalized as hotels and restaurants. Some are expensive, while other hotels, like the Dictionary, are surprisingly affordable. It is a solid hotel choice, offering private rooms in the heart of London, and the best for those on a budget. In the middle, there is the CitizenM Shoreditch; a hip hotel with comfortable rooms in the middle of Shoreditch. The breakfast is very good and the lobby is a place to always remember. On the luxury end, there is the Ace Hotel Shoreditch; the most stylish hotel in Shoreditch. It has an urban luxury and it is located on Shoreditch High Street. This is a great choice for luxury travelers. Be sure to visit Old Spitalfields markets during your breaks or days off.


For those that want to stay within walking distance of the city of London but away from the noisy crowd, Southwark is the place for you. This is a district of the central London and is the northwest of London Borough of Southwark. It is centred east of Charing Cross, and in front of River Thames, and the city of London. There are many restaurants in this part of town and they have the famous Tate Modern and the indoor Borough Market. There are many hotels and places of residence that one can lodge in for the time the person is to stay in London. They have The Mad Hatter; – a great 19th-century building which is situated in between Southwark and Waterloo. This building used to be a hat factory. Here, they serve good food and the traveler will get to enjoy that quintessential Olde-English feeling. They also have at Southwark Bermondsey Square; another very good coffee shop. The rooms here are comfortable and the food is on point – and it is a walking distance of London Bridge and Tower Bridge. Also, they have The Lalit London; a stunning building. The beds here have earned rave reviews, and the breakfasts are superb.


This is an area in the southeast of England which is situated east-southeast of Charing Cross, and it is within the Royal Borough of Greenwich. For those that enjoy cozy restaurants and pubs with fewer crowds, this place is for you. There are very good places to stay, that range in price points and in services. For those seeking budget-friendly options check out St. Christopher Greenwich; quiet, private rooms and dorms, and they have good breakfasts. For those that want luxury, check out the DoubleTree by Hilton Greenwich.

Best Neighbourhoods to stay in New York for Business Travel


New York is a city that boasts of being one of the most expensive costs of living in the United States making it a gargantuan and herculean task to get a place to stay even for a short period of time. The city is a massive city and as a traveler, there are lots of places to choose from.

Trying to get a place in New York might be a tasking feat given the numbers of hotels and good neighborhoods to stay. It is a city of more than ten million people and we have a plethora of neighborhoods to stay. Now, knowing the neighborhoods alone is not enough, knowing the good ones that will make one comfortable while doing one’s work will be of great help. Some of the best neighborhood in New York for business travelers are:


East Village New York
Image Credit: Jess Hawsor

This is a neighborhood in New York City borough of Manhattan. It is defined as the neighborhood of the east of Bowery and Third Avenue between the Street on the North and Houston Street on the South. It is a part of the Manhattan Community district 3 and it has the Zip Code 10003 and 10009. This neighborhood is characterized by its good nightlife. The bars are excellent, one of the most prominent is speakeasies, they have amazing restaurants, where most delicacies are served, even the rarest Japanese food.

The thing that is ideal about this neighborhood is that it is, generally speaking, affordable. There are various hotels and apartments that can be rented for a short while, like the American Dream Bed and Breakfast; this place offers private rooms, and the breakfasts are well-reviewed, ranging from cereals to fresh baked foods, among many others. There is also have the East Village hotels which have a fully equipped kitchenette, so, allowing to save money on food when you are there. Then there is, of course, The Standard; ideal for those that love luxury, it is one of the best hotels in New York, its bars serve some of the best drinks in the district and it is always packed with fashionable set. It has easy access to the downtowns around it.


Financial District New York
Image Credit: IdaWriter

Also known as FiDi is a neighborhood located on the southern tip of Manhattan Island in New York. It has at its boundaries West Side Highway on the west, Chambers Street and City Hall Park on the north, Brooklyn Bridge on the Northeast, the East River to the Southeast, and The Battery situated on the South.

This is a neighborhood that by design, caters more to business people. It’s now become a very popular place to live. It is central to head offices of nearly every large business corporations, and yet still has over liveability and comfort. One place that will be of great help to the traveler is Eurostars Wall Street; they offer consistent offers, good prices and amenities such as microwaves, which reduces money on junks, also, they have T.Vs in each room, including free Wi-Fi among other things. They also have luxury offers for those that like the finer tastes. Another option is the Club Quarters Hotel Wall Street, it has great rooms and it is close to many restaurants and bars.


Image of Tribeca Alley
Image Credit: Iker Alonso

TriBeCa, as it is called informally, is a popular neighborhood in Lower Manhattan. Regionally, and traditionally, its boundaries are Canal Street, Broadway, and Chamber Street. Tribeca is filled with former industrial buildings of a past era, and many have been converted into swanky residential buildings and lofts, making for unique apartments and ideal places to stay for short-term business travelers.

This also serves as home base for various artists like Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, Jay Z among others. We have various hotels and apartments that come cheap like the Sheraton, a 4-star hotel with budget prices and with, modern rooms. It has easy access to the street and a Starbucks and it is also close to the subway, thus, it serves as easy transport. Also, we have the Duane Street Hotel; a boutique hotel that has classic and fantastic touches to it, you can use complimentary Ipads to go out for the day. Also, the Frederick Hotel is also a place that can be visited; it is located near the 9/11 memorial and museum. It is a great place offering air-conditioned rooms with sofa beds and even free Wi-Fi. They also have complimentary walking tours through the neighborhood.