The Key Benefits of a Corporate Travel Agency

You’re reading this because you’re weighing out the pros and cons of enlisting a corporate travel agency to assist in your business objectives. Every single company, association, or institution that we’ve worked with have been at these same crossroads. It’s a big decision to put your trust and budget in a travel services partner. Will they take advantage of you? In today’s Internet age, is it not easier just to do this on my own? Will someone truly be there when I need them?

A corporate travel agency isn’t for everyone. But it is for those individuals responsible for sending numerous employees on flights, to hotels, and with time-sensitive connections. It’s for those that demand clearly crafted protocols and accountability. The more of one’s staff that travel, the more resources it’s taking you to approve, track, and reconcile these efforts. At the end of a month, or year, this could be creating an accounting challenge for you.

Here are some of the benefits of a corporate travel agency that you should consider before making a decision to engage:


If your company doesn’t have a process in place to manage business travel, you are missing two critical puzzle pieces: the ability to control spending, forecast expenses and look into your time and expense. Having a staff member wait for a 6 connection in Los Angeles to say $150 has a material cost of its own.

Your lack of a system virtually assures you over-spend by the end of the year, and having no visibility stymies your ability to improve by analyzing data. A corporate travel agency can bring order and consistency to your travel program, in ways that benefit both your bottom line and wellness and satisfaction of your traveling employees.

As your working partner for travel, World Travel Management serves as your one-stop resource.


One of the primary reasons to work with a corporate travel agent is to gain access to specific professional expertise and inventory software. Corporate travel planning and execution can be very complex. At Worldgo Travel Management, we hire experienced professionals who understand the unique needs and interests of your traveling employees and how that layers over your own business goals. We know which amenities are most desirable, plus innumerable other “inside” industry tips, and workarounds details that will improve travel convenience, comfort, and safety.

Cost Savings

Like just about anything else, it’s about economies of scale. The more you spend the more you save. As an agency that represents some very large clients partners, our ability to leverage better contracts and terms extends to all our clients. This is bargaining power, and we have it. You can have it, too.

Time Savings

We assemble a list of preferred providers based on your company’s travel policy guidelines and budget. That policy streamlines the booking process for employees and creates a black and white environment for expense items and downstream ease for your accountant. We handle bookings on your behalf, in turn saving your people even more time. Handling these arrangements on your behalf assures compliance, reduces risk and saves time, which saves money.

24/7 Support

Unpredictability is the only predictability. At some point in time, life gets in the way and things go sideways. At Worldgo, offer your staff 24/7 support. We’ll make changes as they need. Weather, Geopolitical issues, or urgent family matters. We’re here all day, every day.

Duty of Care

Worldgo provides risk management expertise and proactive services that ensure communication and support for business travelers, before, during and after their trips.


This is where we shine. We will help you help analyze your travel and expense patterns. By knowing what you’re spending and where the dollars are going, we help you make better forecasts for budgeting and the opportunities to save without sacrificing the comfort level and convenience for your employees.

By choosing to exercise the benefits around a corporate travel management company, you will reallocate your resources, find greater efficiencies and reduce risk on every level. They say the difference between an entrepreneur and a small business owner is that entrepreneurs work ‘on’ their business, while small business owners work ‘in’ it.

Let Worldgo Travel Management be the team to work ‘in’ it.