New York is a city that boasts of being one of the most expensive costs of living in the United States making it a gargantuan and herculean task to get a place to stay even for a short period of time. The city is a massive city and as a traveler, there are lots of places to choose from.

Trying to get a place in New York might be a tasking feat given the number of hotels and good neighborhoods to stay. It is a city of more than ten million people and we have a plethora of neighborhoods to stay. Now, knowing the neighborhoods alone is not enough. It’s knowing the good ones that will make one comfortable while on business. Some of the best neighbourhoods in New York for business travelers are:


East Village New York
Image Credit: Jess Hawsor

This is a neighborhood in New York City borough of Manhattan. It is defined as the neighborhood of the east of Bowery and Third Avenue between the Street on the North and Houston Street on the South. It is a part of the Manhattan Community district 3 and it has the Zip Code 10003 and 10009. This neighborhood is characterized by its good nightlife. The bars are excellent, one of the most prominent is speakeasies, they have amazing restaurants, where most delicacies are served, even the rarest Japanese food.

The thing that is ideal about this neighborhood is that it is, generally speaking, affordable. There are various hotels and apartments that can be rented for a short while, like the American Dream Bed and Breakfast; this place offers private rooms, and the breakfasts are well-reviewed, ranging from cereals to fresh-baked foods, among many others. There is also have the East Village hotels which have a fully equipped kitchenette, so, allowing you to save money on food when you are there. Then there is, of course, The Standard; ideal for those that love luxury, it is one of the best hotels in New York, its bars serve some of the best drinks in the district and it is always packed with fashionable set. It has easy access to the downtowns around it.


Financial District New York
Image Credit: IdaWriter

Also known as FiDi is a neighborhood located on the southern tip of Manhattan Island in New York. It has at its boundaries West Side Highway on the west, Chambers Street and City Hall Park on the north, Brooklyn Bridge on the Northeast, the East River to the Southeast, and The Battery situated on the South.

This is a neighborhood that by design, caters more to business people. It’s now become a very popular place to live. It is central to head offices of nearly every large business corporations, and yet still has over liveability and comfort. One place that will be of great help to the traveler is Eurostars Wall Street; they offer consistent offers, good prices and amenities such as microwaves, which reduces money on junks, also, they have T.Vs in each room, including free Wi-Fi among other things. They also have luxury offers for those that like the finer tastes. Another option is the Club Quarters Hotel Wall Street, it has great rooms and it is close to many restaurants and bars.


Image of Tribeca Alley
Image Credit: Iker Alonso

TriBeCa, as it is called informally, is a popular neighborhood in Lower Manhattan. Regionally, and traditionally, its boundaries are Canal Street, Broadway, and Chamber Street. Tribeca is filled with former industrial buildings of a past era, and many have been converted into swanky residential buildings and lofts, making for unique apartments and ideal places to stay for short-term business travelers.

This also serves as a home base for various artists like Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, Jay Z among others. We have various hotels and apartments that come cheap like the Sheraton, a 4-star hotel with budget prices and with, modern rooms. It has easy access to the street and a Starbucks and it is also close to the subway, thus, it serves as easy transport. Also, we have the Duane Street Hotel; a boutique hotel that has classic and fantastic touches to it, you can use complimentary Ipads to go out for the day. Also, the Frederick Hotel is also a place that can be visited; it is located near the 9/11 memorial and museum. It is a great place offering air-conditioned rooms with sofa beds and even free Wi-Fi. They also have complimentary walking tours through the neighborhood.