Travel Moments – Worldgo and Amadeus have you covered!

Have you ever been checking in at the airport when you find out that there are only middle seats left on your 4 ½ hour flight to Toronto?  Or have you wanted to purchase food onboard your flight when you realize your credit card is in your carry-on, safely stowed eight rows behind you?

We’ve all been there. I’m Leanne Gasiorowski, a Business Development Manager at Amadeus, based in Vancouver, Canada. As a travel industry employee, as well as an experienced business and leisure traveller for many years, I know how important it is to be well prepared for any trip. I am the resident travel agent in my family who not only finds the best fares and makes all travel arrangements; I also pre-book extra legroom seats, pre-pay for extra luggage, and pre-pay for meals on our flights.  This is on top of packing everyone’s suitcases and taking care of all of our travel documents! My husband and daughter literally just show up at the airport with their passports and away we go!  It’s all worth it because I am creating memories for my family that they will never forget.

While Amadeus cannot pack your luggage, or predict every travel moment that may happen, it can provide the technology travel companies, like Worldgo Travel Management, need to efficiently book personalized travel based on their client’s specific needs.

Amadeus is a global technology company that keeps the travel sector moving. Our technology connects providers’ (airlines, hotels, cars and cruise lines) content with travel agencies in real time.  We have been a strong partner of Worldgo Travel Management for many years and are excited to grow together with them.

What advantages does this partnership give Worldgo? Here are just a few “travel moments” that show the benefits for a customer when Worldgo is powered by Amadeus!

Travel moment #1:

Your boss just advised that he needs to join an urgent business meeting in Toronto in two days and you do not know where to begin!

Amadeus has content agreements with most Canadian airlines including Air Canada, WestJet Airlines, Porter Airlines, Air Transat, and more.  What this means for you is your Worldgo agent can access all fares offered by these airlines, with real-time availability. Perhaps your boss needs a hotel and car rental while in Toronto? Have no fear! With over 300 + hotels and all major car rental companies available in the Amadeus platform, your Worldgo agent has all of the content you want – right at their fingertips!    

In addition, Amadeus was recently selected to power Air Canada’s passenger services system. Our shared airline and agency platform means that agents using Amadeus are always in sync with shared PNRs, schedules, availability, and automatic frequent flyer validation. Amadeus is working to seamlessly integrate Air Canada Corporate Rewards directly into the platform as well. Together, this sets Amadeus agencies, such as Worldgo Travel Management, apart from others in the industry.  

Travel Moment #2:

You have been searching the internet all day looking for the best fare and schedule for your next business trip.  You found a great flight, but you are not sure it’s the lowest fare and fear hidden costs.  

No need to waste your time searching the internet again. Worldgo can take care of that for you by using Amadeus All Fares Plus!  This technology allows your Worldgo agent to offer up to 250 recommendations using advanced search and filter criteria, including one-way combinable fares, preferred airlines, and a defined radius around a city or airport.  It delivers customized, relevant options, based on your travel preferences and will even beat an existing ticket to find the lowest fare available for you.  How many travel agencies do you know that can confidently offer the lowest fare with the best route every time you book?

Travel Moment #3:

Following your business trip to California, your family will join you for a well-deserved holiday. You need to book air, hotel and car rental and also want to make sure that your family is sitting together on the plane.

Did you know Worldgo can also assist with your leisure travel needs?  Your Worldgo agent has access to book all of your leisure and business needs via our web-based Amadeus Selling Platform Connect.  They can provide complete, end-to-end travel arrangements for you, including selecting the airline ancillary services or fare families you value most within a single seamless workflow.  This means your Worldgo agent can book your premium seat, prepaid baggage, meals and more when booking your airline ticket.  Amadeus also provides access to 300+ hotel chains, 36+ car rental companies, and 24+ cruise lines, as well as 20+ suppliers offering travel packages.  

So you can book all of your travel needs in one stop with Worldgo Travel Management.  Did I forget to mention that Amadeus technology allows your agent to save all of your travel preferences too?  There is no need to repeat your travel specifications every time you book because they are saved in your unique traveler profile.

Travel Moment #4:

Your business trip to Calgary has been rescheduled for next month…What do you do now since you already have a ticket booked for the original dates?

Making a date or flight change or even getting a refund has never been easier thanks to the Amadeus Ticket Changer suite.  These products automate the voluntary and involuntary exchange and refund processes according to airline filed fares and rules. Your Worldgo agent can change your ticket or, if need be, refund your ticket in less than a minute! Now that is stress-free!

There will always be travel moments.  I am currently planning a family reunion trip for more than 20 people to Mexico next year.  I have family flying in from Ottawa, Vancouver and Montreal, all with their own preferences, needs and wants for this holiday.  As I am putting the details together for everyone, I see that somewhere in the planning process, we all experience our own personal “travel moments”.  No matter what they might be, feel secure in knowing that if you have Amadeus technology and experienced, qualified Worldgo agents behind you they will remain just that – travel moments – followed by a smooth travel experience!

About Amadeus

Amadeus is a leading provider of advanced technology solutions for the global travel industry. Customer groups include travel providers (e.g. airlines, hotels, rail and ferry operators, etc.), travel sellers (travel agencies and websites), and travel buyers (corporations and travel management companies).

The Amadeus group employs around 15,000 people worldwide and does business in more than 190 countries. The company has central sites in Spain (corporate headquarters), France (development) and Germany (operations), and offices in 70 countries around the world.

This year marks 30 years since Amadeus was founded. Throughout 2017, the company will be celebrating 30 years of collaboration with customers, 30 years of technological innovation and 30 years of helping power better journeys for travelers all over the world.

To find out more about Amadeus please visit, and for more on the travel industry.