Business trips are often a big perk for someone entering a new position, but they can be tiring for someone who frequently travels for work. We usually have to cram a number of meetings into a short time, and depending on your company’s travel program, you may be left with little time for yourself.

There are, however, many ways you can turn your business trip into a small vacation, or at the very least enjoy some leisure time.

Research Your Destination
Reading up on where you’re heading for business is a great way to get an idea for interesting sites, museums, restaurants, or parks you may want to visit. Have a look at Instagram or Pinterest for inspiration and discover the best spots to explore. Getting excited about your destination is a wonderful way to feel more like you’re taking some vacation time.

Find Downtime (Work Smarter)
We’ve all heard the phrase “Work Smarter, Not Harder,” and this applies equally as well to business trips. For anyone who has spent time on the road, you can often find you spend more time working than you would when you are home. Travelling between meetings, catching up on e-mails, submitting reports, it can all be a little overwhelming. Make sure to carve out some “you time” and maximize the time between tasks.

Add an Extra Day
If your company allows it, try to plan your meetings for the beginning or end of a week. You can then often plan your flights over a weekend, allowing for an additional day or two for leisure. Keep in mind you may have to cover your expenses over these days if this is not included in your travel program.

Treat Yourself to a Nice Meal
Enjoy the little things and allow some time to sit down at one of the city’s best restaurants. Make a reservation ahead of time, or find a cozy spot where you can enjoy the ambiance, food, music, and explore different neighbourhoods. By giving yourself some time to free your mind, you’ll feel less like you’re travelling purely for business.

Seek Out a Hotel in a Desireable Location
Do your research ahead of time and discover a convenient location where you can have access to great amenities, but also be within a short travel distance from your meetings. With less travel time in between, you can free up more time in your day to explore the city. If you choose a hotel in a desirable location, you’ll have opportunities to explore the city’s arts & culture scenes, and much more!

Wake Up Early
Waking up an hour or two earlier than usual will give you some free time to explore and may even make you feel more refreshed for your meetings ahead in the day. Maximize the time you have in the mornings to get some fresh air and collect yourself or enjoy a leisurely breakfast before starting your busy day.