It’s mid-July and you finally hear back from the elusive prospect that has been giving you the slip for the past 6 months. He’s ready to hear your pitch, but can only meet you at his New York office on July 31st. This account could make or break your sales year, so you confirm immediately and get your assistant to book your flights.

Middle-Seat1-e1443625722222It’s mid-summer, peak season, and a long weekend to top it off. Needless to say, the flights are packed. Your assistant informs you that she was able to snap up one of the last seats on the Delta redeye but warily advises you that all of the aisle seats have been taken. The only available seat was at the back of the bus, in 42B. A middle seat at that… Your assistant tries to reassure you that she booked with Worldgo, so the automated “Best Seat Search” will keep looking to get you a better seat up until your departure. You’re reluctant, but you don’t have much of a choice if you want this account, so you confirm the flights.

A week later, on this very same packed flight, there is a family of ten going on their summer vacation. They planned it months in advance and snagged the ten best free seats, right at the front of the plane.  Unfortunately for them, little Bobby has come down with the flu and it’s spreading like wildfire through the family.  They have no choice but to cancel their trip! Don’t worry; they bought a Manulife All-Inclusive travel policy and will get a full refund for their flights. Now that they’ve cancelled, those ten seats at the front of the plane are up for grabs, and it’s a free-for-all!   Anyone who has already booked has no idea those seats are available. Lucky for you, the Worldgo Best Seat Search tool is always checking, it doesn’t sleep, it doesn’t take breaks, and it immediately grabs one of the available seats at the front of the plane as soon as it becomes available.

You wake up on the morning of your flight, nervous for your pitch meeting, and dreading the long day ahead of you. Not helping is the daunting fact that you are going to be squished in seat 42B, and the chance of catching a few Zs before your meeting is slim.

While drinking your morning coffee, you get a surprising email from your friendly Worldgo Travel Manager advising you that you have a new seat!  2A, front of the plane, and an aisle! A wave of relief rushes over you. Not only will you have room to stretch out, but thanks to Worldgo’s Best Seat Search tool you will arrive well-rested and ready to rock your presentation!

You arrive back in your office on Monday morning, signed contract in hand. Your assistant is smiling confidently. She knew all along that you have a team of experts working behind the scenes to take care of all your corporate travel needs, no matter what may arise.