Packing well for a business trip takes some preparation and organization, but it’s worth the effort. Putting together a packing strategy helps relieve travel stress, keeps everything where you need it, and saves you time in the long run. Whether you’re a carry-on only traveler, or you’re bringing a checked bag, we’re here to help!

We’ve put together some business travel packing tips so that you can make the most of your trip and increase your productivity while on the road.

Packing Cubes

Packing Cubes are fantastic to help keep yourself organized. Most cubes come in sets of 3 – a large, medium, and small, which all should fit well in a medium-sized suitcase. The cubes can be used to keep your pants separate of your tops and undergarments. We recommend grabbing a set of 3, along with a few other smaller zipped cases to put smaller items such as jewelry, chargers, loose cords, headphones, etc. Having your smaller items in a case makes them easier to reach, and keeps you from searching for them when you’re rushing.

Garment Bag

If you’re packing for a more formal business trip, you may want to keep your suits or dresses in a garment bag. Placing them in a garment bag will keep them from getting balled up in your suitcase so if you need them when you arrive you likely won’t need access to an iron.

Large Ziplock Bags

Having a few large ziplock bags on hand when you’re traveling can prove invaluable! If you take a dip in the hotel pool before your flight, you won’t want to be searching for a plastic bag. Grab a ziplock and toss your suit in there to keep your other clothes from getting damp. Ziplocks are also great for dirty laundry, leaky toiletries, and anything else you need to keep separate from your other belongings.

Compression Bags

If you’re trying to stick to a carry-on, compression bags are your best friend! Compression bags enable you to fit several outfits into one bag, and essentially vacuum-sealed to maximize your space. If you’re traveling for a longer duration and need several more outfits, using compression bags will make all the difference. 

Minimize Footwear

Try to cut back on the pairs of shoes you’ll be bringing. We recommend one versatile pair of dress shoes if you need to wear formal wear, and a comfortable pair of shoes to walk in during your free time. If you need to bring a pair of boots, try to wear them on the plane to save space!

Laptop Bag

A stylish laptop bag makes a lot of sense for business travel. While laptop backpacks are super comfortable and easy to travel with, they aren’t always the most professional for some industries. There are loads of options out there and we recommend you find one that fits you and the industry you work in. We recommend this SOLO bag which has tuckaway straps which turn it into a backpack making it easy to travel with. There are also a few compartments where you can store any loose cords, pens, etc.

Organization is key for a business trip, and following these simple tips will make all the difference on your next trip, big or small!