Best City to Plan a Corporate Retreat

Corporate retreats are an important part of any large business. Getting scattered teams together to align goals, review past achievements, and set the table for tomorrow are important measures.

Choosing where to host a corporate retreat isn’t as straightforward. Depending on where your team members are based will be your first consideration. Your budget and its limitations are the next consideration, and what you want to offer and/or achieve is the final factor.

In the USA (Chicago)

Chicago Illinois

If you have a team that’s spread out of North America we recommend you consider Chicago as your destination of choice. Chicago’s O’Hare Airport is the 9th busiest airport in the world, and offers you consistent flight options from nearly anywhere in North America. The city is home to 9M residents in the metropolitan area, and there are no shortage of things to do and places to stay. The Windy City also offers retreat planners more budget-friendly options (versus New York, LA, San Francisco). There is great shopping to be had and sporting events t0 attend, and being lakeside is particularly nice in the warmer months.

Runner Up: Denver. The city is a major gateway, it is easy to get around, and is affordable by major market standards.

In Canada (Hamilton)

If your organization is spread throughout Canada, we recommend Hamilton, Ontario as a great choice. Hamilton is just an hour outside Toronto and has its own mid-sized airport with daily flights from Vancouver, Halifax, Calgary, and Edmonton. It is served by major highways and is a short drive to Niagara Falls and Ontario’s wine country. Hamilton’s hotel rates are a fraction of that of nearby Toronto, and it is now a ‘cool’ city growing up from its industrial reputation as a former steel-town.

Runner Up: Calgary. The city is home to WestJet which means it’s a domestic flight hub and is affordable when compared to Vancouver and Toronto.

If you are looking for help in planning your next corporate retreat, we invite you to reach out to one of our experts today. We’ll make sure your objectives are met and you are given the right information to make the best decisions for you.